I have tried many things to stay fit over the course of my wellness journey.  My journey began with extra college credits in strength training and a step aerobics class.  I moved home and didn't want to lose my progress, so I joined a gym.  I went off and on for a while.  Then I decided to invest in a personal trainer for as long as I could afford it. I learned a lot, but I wasn't ever consistent.

What I loved when I was first introduced to Herbalife was the Fit Camps.  It was free exercise.  I needed free because I was recently unemployed and couldn't afford a gym.  I participated in several Herbalife Fit Challenges and weight loss challenges.  I am always up for a bit of competition.

I currently enjoy online workout videos.  I also love to race in 5ks, but don't like to run.  Again, competition and comradery with others pursuing the same goal.  I am attempting to jog/run in the mornings before it gets too cold.  I also am looking for my next 5k.

I have checked out the Herbalife YouTube channel for workouts with Samantha Clayton, the Herbalife fitness education specialist.  These are excellent workouts to motivate you.

I have found good success with Revelation Wellness videos. This is a Christian based fitness non-profit organization with a mission to bring Christ centered fitness and nutrition to the world. (I use the 10 minute YouTube workouts right now).  The site has a VIP channel with full-length workouts that you can access for a $10 monthly donation.

I have discovered another excellent faith-based program called Faithful Workouts.  This is a FREE program.  All that is required is your email address, and you will receive weekly emails with access to a workout library, menu plans, and articles on faith and fitness.  I have been using this site for the past four months, and I absolutely love it.  I have used the workouts nearly every morning, and have discovered muscles I didn't know I had.  The articles also gave me a spiritual workout as well.  I didn't fully focus on them, but I intend to go back and reread and hopefully apply what I learn.  Ultimately, my thoughts determine my actions, so I better have renewed thinking in order for the physical effort to be effective.

I am currently working on consistency with my workouts.  You don't need a gym to work out.  A gym is only good when you use it.  As of right now, I want to build consistency at home.

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