My Story

"You are enough, and you have a story that the world needs to hear."
~Crystal Paine,

I Am Enough.  That statement is so powerful to me.  I don't need to prove anything.  I can't do or say anything to be loved an ounce more by God.  God is Love.  He loves me.  I can't earn it.  His love is so deep and vast, I don't think I will be able to wrap my finite mind around it.

I do have a story.  It's my story.  It is unique to me.  I am ready to tell it.  It may not sound spectacular to you, but it's my story.

I grew up in a Christian home.  My parents invested in private Christian school from Kindergarten through high school graduation.  I am so grateful to them for providing that solid foundation.  In so doing, I grew up in my Christian bubble.  My bubble was comfortable but lonely.

I was the cheerful social misfit all through middle and high school.  I never developed solid friendships or relationship skills.  I did not care for the high school dating scene, mostly because I was invisible to most of the guys except for the occasional hurtful remarks about my size.  I was the fat kid.  I was 151 at twelve years old.  I weighed more than most of the boys in my class, and I can still remember the comments that were said.  Those that said them probably never knew the impact their words had on me.  I loved food (and still do), so I served in my school cafeteria for the first few minutes of lunch.  I would love to credit my motives to a helpful nature, but I just really wanted the free lunch.

My weight problems increased along with some serious health issues during my senior year of high school and my initial college years.  I had temporary successes with weight loss, but nothing major.  
By the middle of college, I tipped the scales at 240 pounds.  One day, I ran across an announcement in my college's newspaper about a Biggest Loser Challenge.  I thought this was exactly what I needed.  I grabbed a few friends and said, "Let's do this!"  They agreed but couldn't finish with me.  I ended up taking 2nd place (I missed the last weigh in, or I might have won). This was the beginning of my journey to wellness. I knew I needed help to maintain, so I took PE credits in school, hired personal trainers, and learned how food works.
The beginning of my Herbalife journey
February 2014

I did what I knew.  I ate less and exercised more.  Sometimes I exercised more and ate okay.  Sometimes I ate well and exercised a little.  I kept going in small spurts of time, and now I am officially down over 80 pounds.  It is still a daily struggle because I can't "quit" food.  I am learning how to use food for the right reasons.  In 2014, I joined Herbalife because of the community of people involved more so than the products.  I have been a semi-consistent consumer of the products and I absolutely love them.  Through this community, I have learned that for things to change, I have to change.  It has to be a decision,  I must decide to be healthy.  The Herbalife products make it convenient to reach my goals, but I must do the work.  I have been trying to lose the last twenty to thirty pounds for four years, and I am still not there.  It is time to change.

I am growing at my natural snail pace.  My goal now is to apply what I have learned over the years.   I am learning to replace fear with faith.  I am attempting to branch out of my socially awkwardness and step out in confidence.

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