Thursday, October 28, 2010

THOTful Thursday

THOTful Thursday is inspired by a childhood tradition of reading Our Daily Bread devotionals. My parents would read and when they got to the end to read the bolded thought at the bottom, they always said "Thot, T-H-O-T without the T-H-O-T." I thought nothing of it, but carried on the tradition. It wasn't until recently my parents explained why they said that. When the devotionals were originally printed it said THOT at the bottom along with the thought for the day. Then soon after the THOT was dropped from the devotions, therefore explaining the phrase my parents said without fail as they read each devotion. It's kind of funny looking back, and when I happen to read the THOT for the day, I sometimes mumble that phrase just because.

Well, what better place to start than Our Daily Bread for today's THOT, T-H-O-T without the
T-H-O-T. You can find the Our Daily Bread devotionals online at Todays devotional is entitled Emergency Kit and the THOT for the day is God provides the armour, but we must put it on. Wow, what a true and profound statement. God gives us many resources and protective barriers from the enemy, but he also gives us the choice to use them. Truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation are ours for the taking. God gives us his plan through His Word and through prayer. Help us to think clearly, especially in times of need and to come prepared for the fight we are in against principalities and powers.

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