Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This is the Stuff!

Have you had one of those days, weeks, or even months where nothing seemed to be going right and everything drove you crazy? Well I have been having several "This is the Stuff" moments as Francesca Battistelli so poignantly puts it. I got a new job, and I jumped into a new health and wellness company called Herbalife. Since then my water pump went out in my car, my second paycheck was messed up (but fixed), several unexpected or rather unaccounted bills came up, and my car insurance was due. I used my credit card a bit too much. I also made a "mud pie" decision to step a little too hard on the gas pedal which resulted in half of a "Reese's cup" consequence of a lesser fine for my ticket. I have also committed myself to an Herbalife training event with no way or money to get there. All of a sudden, I feel like I have been slammed with so many things all at once. I got a job to make a difference and also have some money to call my own to a degree. But even in this mess, I can see the blessings. My tax refund hit my account with perfect timing. My car insurance is paid. My life has been forever changed through Herbalife with new friends and an awesome, positive community (Oh yeah, I am also 10 pounds lighter and have more energy also). Because of my lead foot and speeding ticket, I changed directions and was blessed to see one of my kiddos from my first harvest of kiddos at my old church. Not so great things can happen but still lead you to some great things.
I have some choices to make.  Do I quit?  Do I give up?  NO! The bills will still come.  I have the choice to get up and do something.  I can either wallow in self-pity, or I can share my story and make something awesome happen.  With Herbalife, I can help others lead healthy, active lifestyles and turn their goals into accomplishments.  In the end, the stuff that gets to us most is what we benefit from most.  I will survive these setbacks and persevere to get out of my rut.

For anyone interested in my Herbalife story, here goes.  Before Herbalife, I was super stressed out, looking for a job, gaining weight from home cooked meals, facing some health issues, and exhausted.  I found Herbalife through an old high school friend.  I was skeptical at first.  I began with attending the FREE Fit Camps and getting to know all of the people.  My first shake was Cinnamon Roll, amazing!  My tea was cherry limeade, delicious!  This was the best tasting shake and energizing tea I had ever had in my life.   I learned a whole lot about myself, and that I am capable of completing something such as a Fit Challenge.  I participated in the January Fit Challenge and completed it 30 seconds faster on my mile, and I lost several inches.  I am now down 10 pounds and have so much energy.  I have signed up for the April Fit Challenge, and I look forward to finishing strong.

 For the Glory of God,

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