Monday, September 12, 2016

Which Voice?

I have been involved with a 12 week Team Beauty challenge for the last month.  I have enjoyed it so far.  It has kept me really accountable to my meal plan and exercise.  I am down six pounds so far and have a little over 6 pounds left before it's time to party!  

BUT today I messed up.  It started off good.  I had a great day with a shake for  breakfast and lunch.  I gave into temptation at a ladies fellowship at church tonight.  I tried to steer clear of the desserts, but I gave into a peanut butter "crack" brownie (Rice Krispy crack).  I also kept nibbling on an organic but not necessarily healthy pumpkin cobbler crumble of sorts.  I also had a few too many meatballs.  I posted my food to the accountability group, but I omitted a few details.  As I was driving home, my tummy started to feel the effects of my choices. Yes, they were my choices.  No one forced me to eat anything.  I chose to and I chose to go back.  Then it began, the thoughts.  The guilt.  The beating myself up for making the choices that I made.  But this time, I chose not to listen.  I told Satan to get out.  I prayed to God for forgiveness, and I let go of the guilt.  I nipped the thought in the bud before it had a chance to fester and eat away at me.  I decided right there that I would exercise when I got home.  I did put a video on and got a good ten minutes of exercise in.
This may not sound like a big deal, but for me this was a major victory.  I am learning to practice taking captive my thoughts and not allowing them to dictate my feelings and attitudes.  It is a work in progress, but I know that I will continue to grow.  No one is ever going to steal my joy.  I am in charge of what I think, and I choose to think on the things that are lovely, pure, and noble.  God's got a plan for you and I, we just need to make sure we listen to His voice and not the voice of the Enemy.

Watch. Wait. Listen. Learn.

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