Saturday, January 23, 2010


What is time? Is it something by which we measure certain accomplishments, milestones, or events? Is it something we squander away with no regard for how many other things we could accomplish as the minutes tick by and the hours turn into days?

I have noticed that many of my posts deal with time and how I use my time. Most of the time it is about how to use it better. So my plan is to set aside some time for some very specific things.

First, I will set aside time for God. He is the most precious relationship I have in this world and yet I don't always treat Him with respect or give Him the time He deserves.

Second, I will set aside time for my health. I plan to exercise and eat less this year. I have several more pounds to lose, and I know that this is the only successful way to do so.

Third, I will set aside time for my family. I love them and would do anything for them.

Fourth, I will set aside time for friends. I love my friends and hope they love me. Relationships are hard to maintain and time is the best way to grow a friendship.

Last but not least, I will set aside time for me. Alone time for me, gives me perspective. Spending time on myself helps me spend my time more wisely.

Time is such a beautiful thing in that everyone has the same amount each day, but each of us gets to decide how we use it. Don't waste it.

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