Friday, November 5, 2010

THOTful Thursday on Friday

Thursday came and went with THOUGHTS focused on the GRE test I have to take this Saturday.  So I didn't get around to posting.  Today I read both Our Daily Bread Devotions (  for yesterday and today. 

Yesterday's Bible Reading was from II Kings 5:1-15 about Namaan the ruler struck with leprosy.  He hears of a way to be healed and packs up all of this stuff and sends a note to the King of Israel.  Long story short,  Namaan goes to Elisha's house, a prophet to the Israelites, to be healed.  T

The servant comes out and tells Namaam this (paraphrased) "Go to the Jordan river and dip yourself seven times."  Namaam got very angry and threw a temper tantrum saying, "He didn't come meet me!  Wasn't he supposed to come out and touch me and tell my disease to go away?!?"  Namaam brewed a bit, "And why does it have to be the Jordan river? Aren't Abana and Pharpar or the rivers of Damascus better than all the waters of Israel?" 

Wow, what a reaction.  Namaan is a man of stature and honor in his kingdom but suffers from an incurable disease of leprosy.  He would do just about anything to get rid of it such as seeking out a prophet from an enemy camp for help. He wanted healing on his terms.  He thought he was grand enough to deserve an audience with the prophet Elisha.  Does this resemble our approach to God sometimes?  Do we come before God and ask for help in a matter, but with strings attached?  Do we say "God, I need your help, but I would really like you to do it my way?

I have.  Surrender is the hardest but most rewarding parts to our walk with Christ.  I have had a very tough year with surrender. But each time I have given everything to God and not been limited by my own expectations, God has surpassed my wildest imaginations.  I still struggle with this and am learning that this a daily, every growing process and will get better as I keep on keeping on.

The blessing in the story of Namaan is that he too surrendered his will to the Lord and the words of the prophet Elisha after he calmed down and his leprosy was healed and skin made new.  Praise the Lord.  Help us to always remember to surrender to God and His will and not dictate our will to Him.  We will never win without surrender.

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