Saturday, November 12, 2011

Technology and a Cause

I am not the most consistent blogger or person for that matter.  I had a whole list of things to accomplish today, but that went downhill rather quickly.  Now at the request of someone who has created a video addressing the all important issue of abortion I write again.  This issue has been near and dear to my heart and in times past, I have had the privilege to attend Rose Days speaking up for this issue to my state congressmen.

I have seen Campus billboard projects and more.  But I have never seen such a succinct video with parallels to history that can change a person's opinion 180 degrees.  This one does, and you should check it out.

For me this video strengthens my stance on the issue and for the many unborn lives, it spurs me to action.  So if this one blog post is my one success today, I will celebrate this opportunity to speak up for the millions of lives that were taken and are being taken.  I will be their voice.

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