Wednesday, July 31, 2013

For a Reason?

I have been recently contemplating God's will or the reasons behind many things that happen to me.  I am a bit boggled when certain things happen, yet they didn't go according to the original plan that they were supposed to go.  For example, I had a couple of doctor appointments a few weeks ago.  I knew when they were.  They were even on my planner (not that I always look at it much).  For some reason, I had it in my mind that my appointment was on Tuesday at 9am, but it was in fact on Wednesday at 9am.  I found it a bit strange that I received a text message about my appointment right before I walked in the door.  I was a whole day early!  They had a no show at 9am, and I was helped just as if I were scheduled for that day.  It makes me wonder what would have happened had I went on the appointed day.  Did someone else need a 9am appointment on Wednesday?  I was helped inspite of my error, and life went on like "normal."

Yesterday, I was thinking about a book that I sent someone hoping he had received it, and I walked into my kitchen and there on the counter was the returned package with the very book.  That answers that question, I thought.  Incomplete address.  Great, "God, is this a test?"  Irony of all ironies, The note inside of the book is written on a sheet of printed out lyrics to the song "Already There" by Casting Crowns.  God is already there.  He knew I mailed a book with an incomplete address and paid postage to send it only to have it returned two to three months later.  God also knew my thoughts about this book and that the book was on my kitchen counter as I thought them.  What is my next move?  Is the book worth sending a second time?  Will I be able to even get the complete address?  Is it worth it?  God is already there.  I believe because of the thoughts that I had at that particular moment leave me with only one choice, to try again.  I did receive the complete address, and I paid postage yet again (it isn't cheap) to get this book sent.  The rest is in God's hands.  He is already there.

Because God is already there, He knows all things and knows how my life will play out.  Does God orchestrate miscalculations for doctor appointments for a reason?  Does God orchestrate mailing mishaps to teach me a lesson in motives and counting the cost?  Does God orchestrate "off-schedule" things for a reason only known to Him for His glory?  It makes me wonder what would have happened had I kept my original appointment.  I wonder what would have happened had I not sent the book again?  I took the risk, and I pray God will bless it.  I definitely know that no matter what happens with the book, the cost is never too high to serve and obey God.  God is already there.

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