Thursday, February 14, 2013

To Write or not to Write?

To write or not to write...that is the question.  I enjoy the written word.  I enjoy words themselves.  I enjoy reading books because they are made up of words.  I like to write or journal.  It is release for me.  What I have noticed recently is that what I write about is a bit repetitive and there is not much measured growth reflected.

My blog posts deal with some very real and very personal struggles and desires that I have.  The words that I type express the emotion in which they are written.  That can be good and bad.  The emotions in which I type right now is of a tinge of loneliness, disappointment in myself for investing time in a pointless romantic comedy, and avoidance of other more pressing priorities.

As I logged into my blog tonight, I was brought to a previous post, I'm Engaged!. This post reminded me that I am spoken for. I am the Beloved of Christ.  This is the best day ever, for that reminder.  I am already taken. The difficult part comes in the waiting process.  Yes, I am loved.  Yes, He is coming.  Yes, I will be His bride.  But I must be prepared.  What does a prepared bride look like?  A prepared bride is one that doesn't focus just on the wedding day, she focuses on the details of the marriage.  This one will be for an eternity, so I need to be prepared.

As I look over my writings, I realize that I have work to do, but I have no plan of action.  I have never been very good at follow through or application.  I am learning now that I need a plan with measurable goals and GO and do them.  I get too caught up in "planning" plans, and that is where I get stuck.

Back to my write or not to write.  I am beginning to realize that my motive for writing and specific conversation is for my validation, and I put way too much value on the feedback I receive.  This can affect my view of my value.  As of right now, I have to sort out my motive and arrange several priorities to their proper status.  Until then, this will be the last post until I can strike that balance. 

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