Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Snooze

The Snooze button is one of my all time foes.  I set it several minutes ahead in order to actually accomplish things like exercise and my supposed to be daily quiet time.  About 9 times out of 10, I eat up those precious minutes with one more push of the button.  The time I allowed for exercise slips away as I grab just a few more minutes of sleep.
Today, I pushed it once instead of multiple times.  I also barked a not so happy explanation to my daddy as to why I was up so "early" (5:20am to be exact) because I indeed did not want to get up.  I did complete about 15 minutes of cardio. Yay!  That is progress.
-100 pounds party
Exercise, check.  Food logged, check, Water, Check
I logged my calories and went over about 200 due in part to that darn bread on my Subway sandwich. I made my water quota as I chugged the last bit of my 2nd liter of water on my commute home after playing volleyball at church.
I listened in the car to an amazing book entitled Laboring in the Harvest.  I have completed disc 1 of 3.  This book is powerful and cuts to the quick and quickly.  As for reading my hard copies, I did not successfully read 1 or 2 chapters.
I did bring my computer to work with my Rosetta Stone on it and accessed it but did not complete any lessons.  I plan to find a comfy spot where I can do the speaking parts without looking crazy.
No attempt on that front today.
I look forward to what tomorrow brings.  It is time to establish good routines that will stick with me throughout my life.  When I reach a goal.  I can't resort back to my previous patterns or all of my hard work will be wiped away.
For the Glory of God,

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