Friday, August 28, 2015

Weeding out Distractions

Today went pretty well in regards to my health goals.  I got up (after hitting the snooze twice...oops) and did a few Revelation Wellness videos,   I had my cinnamon roll shake with a dash of Mexican vanilla as I hurried out the door for work.
-100lb party
Logged my food, check; water, at least 50 ounces (when you count pineapple coconut water); and exercise, check.  I stress ate a fair share of animal crackers.  I had planned to have a shake for dinner but came home to a healthy dinner of chicken, broccoli and rice.  I had to control my portions or I would have overdone it.
I completed disc 2 of Laboring in the Harvest.  Audio books are definitely the way to go especially in the car.  I spend a significant amount of time in my car, so I will listen to my Bible app and now books.  This book has been very convicting as to what a true laborer for God's kingdom really is and what they do.
Spanish and Writing
I made no time for practicing my Spanish or writing.

Distractions are what zaps me of precious time.  I tried to tell myself that watching a movie and preparing for work at the same time would be efficient.  That's a lie.  I got only a portion of what I wanted to accomplish completed.  I catch myself spending a few minutes which end up turning into hours mindlessly scrolling through social media or getting TV hypnotized rather than carving out even just 10 to 15 minutes to read, write or practice Spanish.  It is time for me to schedule these activities and take advantage of the windows of time that seem to disappear without a second glance to reach my goals.

This week I was given a one and a half hour lunch break.  That gives me more than enough time to eat.  I need to use this time wisely rather than let it slip by.  I have more than enough things such as reading or exercise that I can accomplish during this time. I can also prep for work at work rather than take it home with me.

It is time to weed out the distractions, get close to God, and allow Him to work in and through me to accomplish my goals.

For the Glory of God,

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