Saturday, February 27, 2016

BLOG in all CAPS

I had the privilege to create a dream/vision board for my life with a friend in early January.  On that board is BLOG in all caps.  It is about time that I put that into action.  I have experienced many things in these first two months of the year. My word for the year is RENEW.  I am trying to make it real in my life by examining my thinking and replacing the lies that I believe with the truth.  I truly want to transform my life this year and become the best me.  I want believe in myself and trust God with my circumstances.  He is in control, and I am learning to turn my fears into faith.  A moment that stands out was Valentine's weekend when my friend and I volunteered at Tim Tebow's Night to Shine, a prom for special needs people.  I got to be a buddy to Courtney, a really awesome girl.  We danced, watched karoke, got our pictures taken together at the photo booth.  She got to take pictures with pageant queens and Disney princesses.  Mascots and football players made appearances and posed for pictures.  It was a wonderful experience.
I have also made a few leaps of faith within the last week.  I have registered to take the Early Childhood Education Teacher test in April which would allow me to teach Prekindergarten and Kindergarten.  My past experiences in education have not been smooth.  I attribute the difficulties to my ignorance of teaching and failure to educate myself on how to become an effective teacher. My present experience with my four-year-old kiddos has encouraged me to take on this endeavor.
I have also been striving for a major health goal-my -100 pound party.  I am 8ish pounds away and can't wait to blast through that goal.  I have been using Herbalife products for the last two years now, and I absolutely love them.  I had some recent success on the business side of things which gave me the boost that I needed.  I see this as an opportunity to help others get their dreams and also give back to those that have helped me in my journey.
My blog is something that I want to develop over the course of this year.  I want to chronicle my actions rather than dole out advice that I don't apply to my own life.  I KNOW a lot but it's time to put what I know into ACTION.  Check back soon to see what's been happening.

For God's Glory,

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