Friday, September 15, 2017

Passion or Patience?

Have you heard of the Marshmallow Test?  Ultimately, it is a test between instant and delayed gratification.  "Do you want 1 marshmallow now or can you wait for 2 marshmallows?" If you want to see it in action check out this video: The Marshmallow Test by Igniter Media 
This is a simple illustration between settling for good rather than waiting for the best.  In this case, the best would be 2 marshmallows rather than one.  Who doesn't want 2 marshmallows, right? 

I was reading the classic Pilgrim's Progress this week, where I ran across two characters Passion and Patience.  Passion pursued the passions and rewards of this world and immediately gratified his desires according to the here and now.  He spent all that he had on the present world and was left with nothing but rags.  On the other hand, Patience waited knowing that there were better things to come in eternity and his rewards were everlasting.

God warns us in His Word of the passions of this world.  He tells us to walk in the Spirit, so we won't fulfill the lusts of the flesh.  He tells us to store up treasures in Heaven where moth and rust won't corrupt, and thieves can't break in and steal.  He also tells us to invest our time and actions into eternal things that will withstand the fire at the judgment day. 
Our empty and idle actions are like wood, hay, and stubble and will burn up because they are of no eternal value.  We need to be living with an eternal purpose with actions that are as gold, silver, and precious stones that will withstand the fire and become purified.  So let us take heed of the lessons of Passion and Patience.  If you pursue your passions according to your flesh and this present world, you will enjoy your reward for your labor in this world and have nothing in the world to come.  If you have patience and an eternal purpose you, will store up everlasting treasure that will be enjoyed in the life to come.  I pray that I am serving others with an eternal purpose.  What is your choice, temporal passions or patience for eternal treasures that are out of this world?

Walking in Faith,

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