Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Settling for Good rather than God

"A good thing becomes a bad thing when it replaces the best thing."
Good versus Best
I do a lot of good things.  I don't do a lot of better things.  My motives for doing and not doing these things vary from  pride, selfishness, fear, worry, and a whole laundry list of more things.  God has been gently calling me to himself through a variety of people and circumstances.  He has provided for me in ways that I can't explain except that it was ALL Him.

Settling for Good rather than God
God showed me on Sunday through Saul turned Paul's testimony the significance of a "good" person's testimony.  Saul was a Jew, a Hebrew of Hebrews from the tribe of Benjamin, a Pharisee very knowledgeable of the Jewish scripture and laws.  He was zealous for his beliefs so much so that he was willing to stop anyone that opposed his beliefs.  He was a "good Jew."  He was faithful and devoutly religious.  He followed all of the rules.  He did what he knew was right.

But God...
God interrupted Saul's religious devotion and law abiding goodness and showed him His abundant grace through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.  God introduced the relationship that could if he chose to follow.  Saul gave up all of his accolades and accomplishments in his Jewish faith for the relationship he gained through Jesus.  Saul died to his rules and regulations and emerged as Paul, a sold out devoted follower of Jesus Christ with a real, relationship with God.  Paul was so changed by this relationship that he counted his previous life as a loss.  Nothing. Waste. (Dung in the KJV, which we all know is...poop).
My "good" is nothing without God.  It is waste.  I can't do anything without God.  I rely on God for my next breath.  I need to choose God rather than settling for my own "good."  I hope this is encouraging, and please don't settle for your good when God has what is best for you.  Draw close and be willing to trust Him and obey Him.  He is truly the best.

Walking by Faith,

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