Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back to Middle School...

I have this interesting attribute of not quite looking my age, but it wasn't until I got a job at a local middle school this year as to how young I was mistaken for. I am of average height for a woman maybe on the petite side of things.

The first few days of school, a few teachers thought I was a student even though I was not dressed in the required uniform as a student. One guy was particulary sorry and kept apologizing. I told him it was no big deal and not to worry about it.

I also took into account that I had to be the youngest on staff and the most of the others were at least ten years my senior. So it's an easy mistake really. But I also didn't realize until today that I also sound young as well .

When I called into work sick, the receptionist at the front desk asked me if there was an adult with me. Confused and slightly taken aback at the statement, I told her again who I was. We got the matter cleared up, and I drifted back to sleep smiling at the thought of being young again and trying my best to get well.

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  1. Oh goodness ;) But yes, sometimes it is great to be perceived as younger than you really are! Hope you get to feeling better soon!