Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alone in a Crowd

Have you ever had the this deep sense of loneliness even surrounded by several hundred or even thousands of people?  I have.  It is a sad, sinking feeling that is attempting to rob me of the joy of the moment. 

Being alone in a mass of people can be inconvenient and awkward, but it also presents opportunities to meet new people and attempt to make new friends.  This is something I am not very good at.  Yes, I can converse in idle chit chat for a few minutes or so, but to actually introduce myself and share a few genuine moments signifying that I care is one of the most difficult things for me.

When I observe the crowd, I see that the crowd is made up of little circles of friends, laughing and having fun.  I stand out or blend in without someone to answer to.  I can maneuver about the crowd as one better than with others.

I can do what I came to do faster and not have to keep up with anyone in this mass of people.  But in the end, it feels good to have someone you know by your side.

As I endeavor to do more things in life, I won't let the crowd get me down.  I will attempt to get to know at least one person in the crowd.  I mean introduce myself and give them however much time is necessary to show that I care.  My ultimate goal is to share Christ, but in order to do that I need to at least say hello. 

Loneliness is a choice, and I won't allow it to steal my joy in any situation.  Who know, maybe you were one of the crowd that spoke up at the right moment and was a part in making a person's day just a little bit brighter.

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