Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Filled with JOY!

JOY! Joy!! JOY!!!  This has been a year filled with Joy.  God knew what He was doing when He put that word on my heart for this year.  This year has not been easy.  I have struggled with many different things this year such as job loss, my singleness, my ministry.  In one of my attempts of "changing my traffic patterns" to meet people (okay, I'll be honest, guys...), I returned to Jesus, my Prince of Peace.  In the form of a 21 day journal (that has lasted well beyond 21 days), God has rocked my world with a consistent quiet time I have never experienced.
He supplied my need for a job not once but twice this year.  He has shown me that I am worth it.  God has given me great friends and a wonderful church family.  He has shown me that I am not in control.  I have learned the hard way to allow Him to have the control.
Things have happened that in my own knowledge and strength, I can't explain. But by faith, I know that God has a plan.  As God works in my life in such direct and distinct ways, I can't do anything but thank Him and obey Him.  God called me to teach in 2009 and has faithfully supplied me with harvests of kiddos to teach and shine the light of Christ in their lives.  Even when others doubted, I pressed on and God delivered.  He also opened my eyes to several harvests of kiddos that surrounded me and gave me opportunities to invest in their lives.
Most recently, I have been reminded of the value of any soul.  This has prompted me to become more bold in sharing my faith with others. I have had the opportunity to "change my traffic patterns" for a very different reason, an eternal purpose. In the past few weeks, I have met many people and pray that God will water the seeds of the gospel and give me the courage to continue to go.
God has given me true Joy this year through the mountains and the valleys.  I took joy in everything because God was there through all of my circumstances.  I pray that you find the Joy that Christ can give and have a blessed new year.

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