Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just like Brushing Your Teeth

Have you ever tried to do something that was hard at first, maybe even painful?  I have ventured out on more than one occasion, hit a rough spot here and there, and called it quits.  I've also had really good ideas and never followed through.  

Today I learned that positive changes and habits that we want to create are just like brushing teeth.  Things that need to change aren't necessarily exciting, they may cause discomfort or pain at first, but we must keep "brushing."  When we began to make those first steps, it can be painful at first and uncomfortable.  But we must remember to keep going and push through the pain because it will get better.

So the next time you want to quit or you hit a snag, remember to keep on "brushing," because it will get better.  The more consistent you become the easier it gets and soon enough it will become routine just like brushing your teeth.

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