Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fighting Well

I had the privilege to watch an amazing movie entitled War Room this weekend.  This movie had me in tears of conviction within the few opening minutes.  I learned that many people today know how to fight but not well, not with strategy.  As a Christian, I need to find my own personal "war room" (a quiet place to pray), a place to engage in the spiritual battle against Satan and his workers of darkness.  I have to allow God to fight for me.  I must surrender control and pray allowing God to do His work in and through me.  I pray that I apply this message to my life. I also pray that many others that see this movie will be spurred to action.  I pray that a mighty army of prayer warriors will arise and stand up for Christ and share Him with others.  I have been convicted to put aside distractions as well.  I have disconnected from social media at the moment, and I plan to distance myself from spending time in front of the TV and computer.  I still plan on going after my goals of good health, reading more, learning Spanish, and writing.  I may resort to recording my journey in my journal rather than my blog.  I will touch base when I can, but as of right now I am taking a break from media and the distractions they tend to bring.  Please pray that I become the prayer warrior God wants me to be.  I highly encourage you to go watch War Room.  It will change your life if you let it.

For the Glory of God,

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