Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Little Things

The little things do add up.  I started the day with a war with the snooze button yet again.  This time it won.  I got up and ditched my workout.  I headed to work and the first thing I hear from the audio book I've been listening to is that we need to glorify God through daily exercise and good nutrition.  God can use us best when we are physically fit and rested.  "Thanks, Lord," I prayed with acknowledgement and a bit of sarcasm.  I also gave into a few bits of chocolate and drank my calories with some lemonade at a luncheon at lunch. I had 73 calories left for dinner :(
-100 pound party
Logged my food
Drank SOME water-32+ ounces
Ditched my AM workout but burned a few calories bowling for about 30 minutes on my lunch break
I finished Laboring in the Harvest on my commute home.  It was a very powerful book about becoming a laborer for Jesus Christ and reaching everyone with the good news of Jesus,  I did not get around to reading my written books.
Spanish and Writing
I didn't get around to either.
I did, however; clear out some teacher stuff in my room.  I also created a cute "ziploc bag windw" to display artwork in my classroom :)
I will get there.  One step at a time.

 For the Glory of God,

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