Monday, November 30, 2015

A Time of Thanks

I spent my Thanksgiving with family.  It was an amazing time of fellowship with aunts, uncles, and cousins. We talked; we ate; we talked and ate some more.  That's how my vacations go these days. 

I did get a bit carried away with my eating,  but I am back on track now.  I had shakes for breakfast each day.  I shared my shakes the last day with family.  Herbalife makes my life so much easier when I actually do the program faithfully.  I let my exercise slide too over the holiday, but I have renewed my commitment to see this through to my -100 pound party.

I had 2 shakes today, a chicken flatbread wrap/sandwich and a cup of red pepper and gouda soup, and an apple with peanut butter.  I did not pack snacks with me today, so that threw me off a bit.

Monday (Today)
I was slow going out of bed, but I have now accomplished my daily quiet time with God (personal development), a 10 minute Samantha Clayton workout, and I am about to make my Reeses shake for breakfast.

I also finished a book yesterday.  It was a girly fiction book, but it was still a book.  Why is fiction so much easier to read than non-fiction?  Anyways, I am halfway through Grace for the Good Girl.  It captures my life to a T.  God has shown me so much, and I look forward to the lessons I still need to learn.  That's it for now.
For the Glory of God,

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