Friday, December 4, 2015

Thank God for Another Day

Routine tracker I use ~ from Scattered Squirrel
I feel like everything has fallen apart since posting my story.  I want be held accountable, but I still make poor choices.  I have an AM and PM routine that I begin to implement and a few days to a week in I get lazy.  I have noticed how my PM routine prepares me for my AM routine like making my lunch, doing laundry (and folding it) the night before.  It helps my mornings run so smoothly.

SO I am committing to a Routine Challenge for the next 21 days.  I will complete my AM and PM routine everyday for 21 days and report my results.  I am learning to be a doer and not just a planner.  I can plan, but often I fail to implement my plan consistently. I then wallow in self-pity for failing, and give up.  No more giving up.  I "plan" to ACT.

For God's Glory,

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